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Sensory Processing and Autism Spectrum

Sensory Friendly Round-Up

  • Exclusively for children and families with sensory processing disorders and/or on the autism spectrum
  • Exhibits adapted to make the museum more comfortable and enjoyable
  • Trained staff, specialists, and play partners on hand
  • Quiet room and “Resource Kits” available (noise blocking earphones, blankets, information, etc.)

Noise-reducing headphones, Social Storybooks, and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) are available at the front desk at all times.

Registration is required by calling the museum at (920) 929-0707 or email

Click here to download the Social Storybook in advance.

Resource Kits Available Every Day

We want every child’s visit to the Museum to be comfortable and fun. If your child is on the autism spectrum, has a sensory processing disorder, or is sensitive to loud noises, feel free to ask the front desk to use our resource kits during your visit.

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