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Shining Star Memorial

The Shining Star Memorial is a celebration of families and their shining stars. Donations can be made in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone special in your life.  A star will be placed for donations greater than $500.

On July 23, 2020 Terry Gaffney, founding member of CMFDL gained his wings. Read more about this important member of our organization or make a donation to his memorial fund below.


In Memory of Susan Ahern

CMFDL current and past board members

In Memory of Eastwood Marcel Biró

Friends and family of Marcel and Heather Biró

In Memory of Ralph and Angela Fields

John and Andrea Welsch and family

In Memory of Terry Gaffney

Friends and family of Terry Gaffney

In Memory of Sue Hierl

Friends and family of Sue Hierl

In Memory of John Michael Korb 

Friends and family of John Michael Korb

In Memory of Margaret “Susie” Lange

Friends and family of Margaret “Susie’ Lange

In Memory of Phyllis Linder

Joan and John Cannon

In Memory of William Harry Michael Shedivy

Friends and family of Mike and Stacy Shedivy

In Memory of Lee Sippel

Paul Arneson

In Memory of Patricia A. Thornburg

Cheri, Eric, Ana, Wil, Ben and Wes Everson

In Honor of Rose A. Ahern

2016 Young at Heart Tribute.

In Honor of Terrence J. Gaffney

2016 Young at Heart Tribute

In Honor of Kristin Patterson Lenz

Marylou and Tony Patterson

In Honor of Andrea Nuss: wife, mother, teacher

The Family of Andrea Nuss

In Honor of Traci Whittaker

Kathy and Mel Whittaker