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Search and Seek Quilt Donated

Posted on: Sep 18th, 2013

Seek and Search Quilt

Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac, Andrea Welsch (left), and one of eleven quilters, Kathy Huth (right), pose with a quilt that will be hung in the museum.  The quilt, consisting of various images, will present “search-and-seek” games in which children try to find pictures, numbers, and shapes.  Two more quilts which support the Museum’s exhibit plans are being created with assistance from Sharon Reber, Pat Frey, Mary Gerlach, Dottie Keenan, Barbara Lent, Sharon O’Connor, Maggie Shea, Kathy Simon, Marlys Welsch, Deb Wonser, and women from the Taycheedah Correctional Institute. For more information, please visit the Children’s Museum website at