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Current Exhibits

The Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac is your passport to the world!

When your children walk into the museum, they’ll embark on an adventurous tour around the world, from Lake Winnebago to an Italian pizzeria and the African Savannah. Visitors from toddlers to tweens can cast images in the Shadow Safari, explore the Great Toddler Reef, build a Great Wall of China, exchange money for world currencies, put on a show in the Big Apple Theater or produce a radio broadcast.

While the interior of the museum allows children to travel the world, over 10,000 square feet of WinnePLAYgo, our outdoor space, focuses on Fond du Lac’s “backyard”. A Shanty Town, Trike Trak, Garden, and Picnic Area encourages children to explore their natural environment, inspire creativity and develop healthy behaviors.

Click on the exhibit names below to view photos and learn more about each exhibit.


Hand milk a life-sized cow, experience different agricultural careers, learn about and feel a real milking machine, slide down a […]

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Fire Station 75

In this hot new space, kids can gear up with firefighter coats and “drive” the fire truck, learn fun facts […]

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Wagener’s Workshop

Experience an exciting new interactive maker space!  Wagener’s Workshop, sponsored by the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, is now open! […]

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Agnesian HealthCare, along with the Children’s Museum, has developed BrainMatters, which educates children and their caregivers about factors that impact the development of […]

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Bull & Bear Market

Learn how buyers and sellers interact in the Bull & Bear Market in interactive ways.  Networked computer stations allow multiple […]

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Museum Milestones

Kids have helped build the new museum by decorating one of 5,000 glass stones which formed a beautiful mosaic in the […]

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Located inside the Great Toddler Reef exhibit, this area happily welcomes nursing moms with a cozy, colorful space to feed their little […]

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Palace of Persia

In Ancient Persia, architecture was the highest art, demonstrated by huge building projects and structural inventiveness. Grand palaces with vaults, […]

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KidzArt turns a blank canvas into an ever changing showcase of kids’ creativity.  The 6’x12’ wall is divided into three […]

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This 10,000 square foot outdoor space allows families to explore and connect with nature in fun and healthy ways.  Embracing […]

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Transportation Station

Before you embark on your journey of the world, you’ll need to know where you are, decide where to go […]

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Shadow Safari

Science = Fun in our Mali shadow room! While posing as a safari animal, students will capture their shadow and […]

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CFIZ Radio Station

What is it like to be on the radio? Children will have the opportunity to answer this question as they […]

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Pizzeria Frazioni

Fractions take on a whole new life when you visit this Italian pizza parlor! Whether ordering or preparing the pizza, […]

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Money Exchange

A penny saved is a penny earned! Help your students learn the value of savings money with a stop at […]

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A wide array of physical activities awaits the children in HealthWorks. From a fitness circuit to lifting weights, from balancing […]

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Great Wall Construction

Teamwork is key. Children will use problem-solving skills at the ball wall to construct a maze of bamboo chutes that […]

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Puppet Theater

Welcome to Broadway! While acting out a play and taking on the role of a character or performing in a […]

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Great Toddler Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef comes to life with hanging jellyfish, bubble mirrors, seashell island and much, much more! This exhibit […]

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