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Board’s Eye View

Posted on: Nov 23rd, 2021

A Board Member’s perspective of CMFDL:

I just wanted to share briefly about my experience with the museum, and how it has impacted my family.

We moved to town a little over 11 years ago, literally the week that our oldest child was born. We moved to a new town (with no family, and I had no friends here), started our own family, and I went from working a fast pace job as an auditor for a CPA firm in Madison to staying on in a limited PT remote role.  Three huge life changes within days of each other. Needless to say I felt quite adrift and alone. Fast forward almost a year and a half (plus another child), and I walked into the FDL children’s museum back when it was at the Windover Center. We bought an annual pass by the end of that month, and this was my weekly outing with our quickly growing family. From the moment we stepped in the doors and were greeted with the always smiling faces of the staff members, we felt welcomed and that we were home. My children were challenged with developmentally-appropriate activities, learned how to share and play parallel with others, and selfishly I enjoyed the fellowship of other moms that were in the same trench that I was in.  There are ladies here in the crowd that I have either met at the museum or spent numerous hours watching over our children together while walking through the various exhibits. I am now back into working full-time, but my parents (who have since moved to town) now have a grandparents membership and my kids still love coming to the museum. The children’s museum has helped make fond du lac become not just a city that we are living in, but a community that I feel is my home. The museum has given my family a decade worth of memories, from puppet shows of the speckled frogs, to eating more than my share of pizza, Halloween parties, and searching for Rudolph when attending Passport to the Holidays. So again, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your financial support, thank you for sharing the museum’s initiatives and stories within the community, thank you for something as simple as liking and sharing the museum’s posts on social media. Even the tiniest of actions can yield an enormous impact. Your support now is an investment in our community members and our future community leaders.

  • Ellen Kant, Treasurer