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Field Trips

Educator Packets

1st Graders from Riverside Elementary enjoy a trip to the museum.

1st Graders from Riverside Elementary enjoy a trip to the museum.

Prepare your students for their CMFDL experience

“What information do I need to know before my class comes for their field trip?”  

“How can I prepare my chaperones for the upcoming CMFDL trip?” 

“Is there any activity I can create for my students to complete in school after we return from the museum to make their trip even more meaningful?”

Prepare your students for their CMFDL experience by checking out the information in our Educator Packet.  Inside you will find information about each of the exhibit areas, as well as activities, resources, and more.

To download your educator packet, click on the link below:

Field Trip Guide

The packet opens with some basic information for teachers and chaperones to prepare for their upcoming trip.  This includes an overview of the guide, directions to the museum and parking information, our museum rules, and our expectations for chaperones.

Contained in the packet are open-ended activities that can be modified to fit across multiple grade levels.  These activities may serve to prepare your student for the trip prior to the visit, or can be used post-visit to reinforce concepts.  You might also find some activities ideal for use throughout the year when you are looking for a quick activity to fill a few extra minutes in your day.

Book Lists

If you’re looking for that perfect book to tie to your field trip and an upcoming lesson, be certain to check out our Book List coming soon!  The list features children’s literature that ties to each one of our exhibits.  What a wonderful way to supplement your next lesson!

Have a great idea for an additional activity we could add to our packet?  Please contact the museum at 929.0707 if you have additional questions, to share your activity idea or to share your feedback on our new resource tool.