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Field Trips

Education Ambassadors

With the Museum’s re-opening in a new, larger facility, we have also expanded exhibit space and introduced an outdoor area, diversified our educational field trip programs, and extended our outreach efforts.  Our interactive exhibits and educational programs are designed to support 21st century learning; encouraging creativity, critical thinking and global awareness, while enhancing concepts taught in the classroom.  The museum is a place for fun and education throughout the year.

New Education Ambassadors Program

With our new location we are also piloting a new program, Education Ambassadors, aimed at increasing the collaboration between the Children’s Museum and local schools.

To begin, we are reaching out to educators to help us find ways we can extend their classrooms into the museum to supplement their curriculum with our programs.  Within this first year the focus for ambassadors will be Fond du Lac and North Fond du Lac public and private schools as well as home school groups.  Entering the second year CMFDL will reach out to schools in the surrounding area.  The annual presentation for the 2013-2014 pilot school year will be in January, 2014.  Subsequent years will meet in August prior to the start of each school year.


  • The time period for the Ambassadorship will be one year, centering on the school calendar.
  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to attend an annual overview presentation to learn about CMFDL and its programs.
  • Within their schools, Ambassadors will promote the museum’s programming as a way to augment lesson plans.  This might include presenting CMFDL programming options at teacher in-service or distributing flyers and promotions to other teachers.
  • In order to help encourage CMFDL programming, Ambassadors can attend a meeting of their school’s PTO/PTA.


Are you interested in becoming an Education Ambassador?

Please contact or call (920)-929-0707 and ask for Marta.