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Field Trips

Field Trips

Museum fun just minutes from Lakeside Park!

Now booking for 2017-2018 school year.

A field trip to the museum is ideal for boys and girls clubs, mom’s clubs, child care centers, preschools, grade schools, special needs classes or groups, and more!

All field trips to the Children’s Museum include a program of your choice with topics ranging from science and engineering to art and robotics. Each program is taught by a trained museum educator and intended to support your classroom curriculum.

Top Reasons to Choose a Field Trip at CMFDL

  • Offers exhibits and programs that make learning interactive and fun
  • Enhances and complements classroom curriculum
  • Incorporates state learning standards
  • Encourages curiosity, creativity and critical thinking
  • Connects students to places and cultures of the world
  • Reaches diverse ages and physical abilities

For more information about field trip program options, please contact the Museum Educator at

Call (920) 929-0707 or email to schedule your group visit today!

Before and During Your Visit

  • Pre-assign your students into groups of five or less. Many of the educational programs include an activity which may need the assistance of the chaperones. You may find it helpful to station chaperones around the museum and have them interact with the children as they come into their station.
  • Remind chaperones of ways to be most helpful. (see below) They are valued resources and will be most useful when prepared and informed.
  • Be sure to have enough chaperones. We require 1 chaperone per every 5 students. If you cannot meet this requirement, please contact the museum.

Great Chaperones

  • Learn the names of the students in their group.
  • Assist their group with completing the passport or program activity as introduced by CMFDL staff at the start of your trip.
  • Monitor their station by interacting with the children that enter the exhibit area and make sure they are appropriately using the exhibit and props.
  • Ask the students questions and interact with them as they work. For example: “What do you see out of the periscope?”
  • Help keep the museum clean.
  • Play with the children and not with their phone.

For the full Field Trip Guide, click here.

In Your Classroom

The Children’s Museum offers wonderful in-classroom programming! Amazon Adventures or an exhibit rental from CMFDL is just the way to add some flair to your room.

How are we doing?

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