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Upcoming Exhibits

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The CMFDL team continues to work hard designing, building and preparing to install brand new exhibits!  We’ve enlisted architectureisfun, a design firm who develops interiors, exhibits and learning environments for children of all ages.  Lead designers, Peter and Sharon Exley, continue to share their remarkable educative design philosophy with CMFDL to help us complete the museum’s multi-layered, flexible, kinetic environment that inspires intuitive and unpredictable interaction and harnesses the power of play!

Read about each of the new exhibits planned for the museum and visit often to see the progress for yourself!


Plans are underway for an exciting new interactive play space!  The Museum is uniquely positioned to play a critical role […]

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P.O.L.A.R. Lab

P.O.L.A.R. stands for Play, Observe, Learn And Research.  In this exciting exhibit, visitors will have the opportunity to observe, predict, […]

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Aventura Rainforest

Journey deep into the rainforests of Brazil for an Amazon adventure!  Along the way, children discover a community of living […]

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