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Exhibit Rentals

Bring the fun along to your school or company outing!

The following exhibits are available for rent:

Mr. Fun E. Bones

This exhibit brings the game “Operation” to life!  Our large operation table features the skeletal system and promotes learning more about your body.  Doctor masks and hats are included in this rental, but only for a limited time!

Cmfdl Mr Fun E Bones

Pizzeria Frazioni To-Go

This well-loved exhibit comes with everything you need to set up a pizza parlor in your classroom, complete with a pizza oven and all the toppings! Includes instructional activities with a focus on math concepts that promote learning more about fractions.


Translation Trees

Looking for an interactive way to introduce Spanish to your group? Our interactive Translation Trees make learning your numbers, colors and basic greetings hands-on fun!

Cmfdl Translation Trees

Our rental fee for the above exhibits is $250 per month, plus shipping. Schools and educators may contact the museum for information on special discounts and funding. If you are interested in any of the above rentals, please contact us at


Manor Mouse Speedway

mmsbannerManor Mouse Speedway is a new traveling program from CMFDL! Children and adults will have fun while they decorate their very own race car and “zoom” it down a 16 foot ramp. They will experience the thrill of competition, delight in their own creation and have fun with friends and family. Manor Mouse Speedway is perfect for classrooms, family gatherings, club events, scouting activities and company outings.

Click on the following link for more details: Manor Mouse Brochure